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Miche (AKA Tiny)

Miche, also known as Tiny, is a very special creature.  We know he or she is at least three years old, as we've had the pleasure of his or her company for that long.  The suprising thing is that Miche weighs just under one ounce.  Tiny has lots of spirit and energy but at least for now, is very small.
Tiny Miche
Tiny Miche - April 2008

Miche looks outside his house
Miche checking things out

With a new diet, Miche has started to grow - a tiny bit.

He grew enough that we upgraded his house to a larger, more comfortable size.

Miche likes to swim and enjoys doing laps in the bath tub.  As you can see, even with a nice growth spurt, Miche is still quite small.

Miche doing laps
Miche doing laps
Miche swimming - 080926
Miche swimming - 080926

December 2008 Update:  Miche is growing!  Some.  A bit.  But enough that he/she needs a new house.  In August, Miche fit easily inside the small shelter at the upper left.  Now Miche has two new shelters in which to play and rest and may soon outgrow that bathtub.
Miche on December 7, 2008
Miche checks out new digs

April 2009 Update:  Miche has been eating his Cheerios and other healthy turtle food.  After 3 years of no visible growth, Miche has almost doubled in size during the last year.  His shell is getting more boxy which is a good thing for a box turtle.
Photo of Miche - April 2009
Miche - April 2009