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Stonewalls In The Bluegrass

My Dad was always a fan of stonework.  He lived in Lexington, KY which is famous for blue grass, fast horses and stone walls.  During the Summer of 2000, the Lexington Arts and Culture Council sponsored HorseMania.  78 artists decorated lifesize fiberglass horses that were displayed around the city.  It is little surprise that “Stonewall”, created by Damon Farmer, was Dad’s favorite.

Dad and Stonewall
Dad and Stonewall

Farmerís horse Stonewall brought the highest bid at auction, selling for $53,000, with all proceeds going to charity. 


Dad had a heart attack in 1995, leading to triple bypass surgery. His cardiologist, Dr. Blake, recommended that he stay physically active and stressed regular exercise as part of his recovery.  Dad took the advice to heart and built a stone wall along the uphill side of the driveway.  

Dad and his wall - 100+ tons
Dad and his wall

He selected the stones out of Boone Creek, loaded them on a trailer, hauled them up the hill, and then built the wall.  It has well over 100 tons of stone in it and is one great wall.

The wall has seen lots and lots of family get togethers.  Most times we get everyone outside for pictures along the wall, like this one from 2004.
Family on the wall - 2004
Family at the wall - 2004
We celebrated Dad's 85th birthday and had a chance to gather at the wall.

Family at the wall 2009
Family at the wall - 2009
Dad passed away of January 18, 2012.  We miss him but there are tons and tons of rocks where he left them to remind us that it's time to get back to work.