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Hero is a hermit tree crab.  Hero joined us from the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in August 2008.  Boy is he fast and can he ever climb.  In fact, we almost called him Houdini as one night he got out of his latched box - we found him on the outside of the still latched box.  Either he does magic or he has mastered quantum tunneling.

We are very pleased to have Hero living with us.  He enjoys peanut butter, lettuce and crab pellets.  If you put your finger in his claw, he can demonstrate genuine intensity.


December 2008 Update.  Hero got a new shell, a new habitat and some new food.  He has grown a tremendous amount in the last 4 months.  If he continues growing at this rate, we will need a bigger box.  Key the music to Jurrasic Park.
Hero in his new habitat
Hero Compares His Shells

Hero's original shell and Hero on the march shortly after he joined us in August.
Hero marching.
Hero - On the march.
Hero's shell